Im here in my room sobbing over your death and smiling over you life… I grew up on you, since 1984 i have known you, every movie every song every move… i Wonder if anybody can understand how im feeling right now, CNN is on showing people outside of the Apollo DANCING AND SINGING in your honor and outside of my window i can hear “Beat it” comming out of the nehibor’s speakers that usually play bachata n salsa… its a crazy day, one stapled in HISTORY, the same history you CHANGED , “Life with out you” i honestly never saw it coming, not that i thought it was not possible but that it never crossed my mind… WoW this is really a big day a hard day… ive seen quite a few of these type of days in my life.. but this is wild… EVERY blog  EVERY news outlet EVERY block in every county in EVERY city on EVERY Continent of this planet will speak of you today and forever… you never lost it.. and you did not fail us, but in some ways we failed you… the love you spoke of.. the peace you dreamed of and shared…”They” wont let somethings go… it seems disrespectful but “they” have always been like that.. they are not slick with there Clever quirky jokes… But honestly No matter what they say about you… you made us the way we are…  STYLE baby… you sparked it all… FREE’D us from the matrix…You are the last star, our lucky star… now Immortal

WE will NOT forget you.. god bless you.. you loved us I LOVE YOUx5,WE LOVE YOUx5..

D’Arcy A.


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