L.ife E.nds G.radually A.nd C.hanges Y.ou

This album [suicide music] is dope.. 7 1/2 outta 10… i cant front i will be bummping this along side of a few other joints.. For people who dont know L.E.G.A.C.Y. is a rapper from North Carolina, and member of the Justus League collective. This is my first time fucking with him.. but i like the crew murs 9th lil bro… ya kno.. anyway take this album, you should dig it.. yall know im good for it.
Suicide music play list

01. 00:33 Intro ▓███
02. 02:44 Suicide Music ▓███
03. 02:46 The Age (Fish) ▓███
04. 04:09 Bang ▓███
05. 03:03 4 Cornered Room ▓███
06. 02:16 Connector Man ▓███
07. 03:33 TKO Feat. Phonte, Chaundon & Sean Price ▓███
^test track^
08. 04:56 Policia ▓███
09. 02:47 The Greatest Feat. Dasan Ahanu ▓███
10. 02:49 Fly So High ▓███
11. 03:46 Looking Glass

remember you pussy foots, this is for promo use only… go buy it

One Response to “L.ife E.nds G.radually A.nd C.hanges Y.ou”

  1. Gitt'em MAmA Says:

    Loving this album.. i rate it more than your score.. FIRE!!!

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