Drake & Sacario.. you know you sound like…

Promise ft. Drake & Sacario

We like this song..production is str8,nice rolling drum pattern ,basic keys ,not to much bs.. does not hide the artist..ryms are str8.. neva herd promise b4 but i’d check for more from him. Is he a Ghost like Drake and Sacario? neva kno..

i see a lot of people on the net talking about how Drake sounds like Kanye on this track and how Sacario sounds like Jay-z.. in my honest opinion i can see why they say that… More flow wise on Drakes end.. but a flow is just that.. a flow.. one of many im sure that man Drake has.. how many flows has Kanye used? bump some rhymefest and some consequence and youuuuu’ll see… but that’s hip hop… as far as Sacario well… this comparison has been going on for a while now but holds no weight compared to the dudes who reallllllly sound like jay-z… lol , you got Angelous from BK and NOE from MD .. now we are talking about sound and not skill .. Angelous [trash] and Noe [is so so, but nobody care cuz his voice is identical to jay’s..the only way u know its not jay is because of the weaker rhymes.. dudes like that should just write] [FACT] and they sound like jay on every song {vocal}, “if jay had less skill” that would be there collection.. But back to Sacario, dude sounds like uhmm…Sacario!.. all ya gotta do is listen to more than one song.. or be a true fan of Jay .. to me they sound nothing alike,  i like both of them.. only thing i would compare them on is they both from nyc lol.

I usually don’t stick up for rap niccas.. and I’m not…i mean there’s no point ,but now days opinions matter.. we are in a hip hop world full of followers … the public does not know hip hop anymore outside of whats on TV radio and pop blogs.. and they trust these places for guidance … so when these kids do a write up on a song and  say some shyt like “drake was str8 but that other dude sounds like so n so” or “drake = yeezy and sacario= jay-z” its stoooopid.. that shyt has no foundation, but will and has spread [thoughts].. you dont have to like a artist.. but there are ways to say that with out making your self look like a fool… things like that will give artist that deserve the good look a bad look, it might not ruin them but negative is negative …  shyt like that is why and how Rap list like Vibes Rap list are made.. Agree? haha but that’s another Story.. what up Joe buddens!!??

anyway.. my bad for yappin.. but u fuckers [pop  bloggers]  need to step it up… write for real and not for frontCONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.. LOOK IT UP!


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