Desert Eagle .50 Cal… Why?!!!

From left to right.. 38special.. 9mm.. 22cal..  the 22 is tiny.. the 9mm is average and the .38 is the real deal…but nothing compared to the .50 cal…..

P6050190I do not own a gun that can hold a .50 cal round.. so no pics to compare .. well..  hold on ..since this is the “innanets” .. lets see if i can find one *bung*9mm_7,62mm_357sig_10mm_45SWAll the way to the left is the 9mm [that i showed] and on the far right u can see the Evil Monster .50 cal which makes the .38 look like a .22cal ..

The .50 cal makes you say “WHY?” at the same time “WOW“.. here it is in action [dope]

For the record guns dont kill ppl… ppl kill ppl.. and if Munz or any friends of AS1 are shooting.. we are doing it at the range… safe and sound.

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