BE[ats]ORIGINAL Vol. 1 Beat CD

He goes by……


Age: 2_N
Location: Flint,

Man its always good to know that  we ain’t the only ones droppin dope tracks.. The hommie “_N” layed this CD on me Yesterday night and i didnt listen until this morning, wow.. im really feeling this package.. very different from all that bs you might be hearing on the radio, and other beat tapes… People send us music all the time .. some we like some we don’t.. How can i sum this one up?.. uhh.. lets see.. This is one of those joints you can just throw in the mp3 or whatever and just let it do what it was made for.. to take you in to “_N“s world… track by track you do not know whats coming next That’s my favorite thing about it.. steady drums.. nice rhythm.. off set beats .. you dilla and lib fans know what i mean by off set.. when the track sound off but it lines up perfect.. good loops.. and SAMPLES!!! All around talented guy i wouldn’t be shocked if he did the art work….  if you smoke, light up a spliff and lay i said b4 he goes by _Nameless
BE[ats]ORIGINAL-album-cover (2)

One of my favs of the album

full beat CD
This is for promo only jerks
serious inquiries only

2 Responses to “BE[ats]ORIGINAL Vol. 1 Beat CD”

  1. Bodyright Says:

    hard!.. i wish i could rap

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