SPECIAL night @ Artful Dodger

P5210598So i decided to roll out to Huntington village last night to attend the new Special Sauce location celebration.. I planed on rolling through with my peoples.. FAIL .. I wound up going by myself ..thas right folks DOLO.. not really something i like doing but i did.. ok so i get to Artful Dodger and i dont see anyone i know.. bummer.. There was a Pre party that i had missed that was held at the shop.. the Fam was in the building [butter fam] “WHAT UP DOE?!” .. although we didnt cross paths last night our energy and style did, the had the first half and i the second.. later on in the night more heads came through.. alot of familiar faces alotta strange faces, it was all love thou.. I linked up with Vicky and her crew from Ricky’s nyc… they are indeed a wild bunch.. Christina the owner of Milk and Honey was there too [Chillin with the suffolk county kids lol] .. i pretty much had a blast last night with them.. lotta pics alot of dancing alot of drinking alot of yelling abunch of near orgy moments!! haha.. Peace to Kenny and his crew , they was definitely in the house.. Kenny was crushin the yeezys..oWWW.. big shout to Pete and Vanessa.. thank you for the invite, i had a ball.. shout to Super freeze, rocko, Mike , David , stuntman steve just cuz..saw liz n kenn..shout to everybody i know by face.. lol.. im so bad with names.. BIGGG UPS  to my unofficial official sponcers  Heineken lol keeping me off balance alll night.. i was spinning like “Wikki Wikki” .. the G’Word kept me on track haha..
iight so here are some pics… 

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