His name is D-Nice

D-Nice grew up in the Bronx, hip-hops birthplace, and emerged as a rapper and producer in the late 1980s. The late Scott La Rock of Boogie Down Productions mentored D-Nice as a teenager and offered him a place to develop his talent alongside rap legend KRS-One.

Nowadays, D-Nice is both a DJ for high-profile events and a photographer, but his true passion is for the latter. In November 2007 he became engaged to actress Malinda Williams FTW!!!

D really showed what hip hop is about.. ART .. EXPRESSION… LOVE..
he takes MEANNNNN photos and his video work as a director is spot on..  There was a video of him as a kid just fucking around ,i think he was like 16 or 17 but he was involved in this hip hop .. “self destruction??” word? thas so ill to say u did that.. and the fact that he is still active is DOPE.. check his site out http://www.d-nice.com.. read up on him.. and enjoy.

ok so he’s got these clips called True hiphop Stories.. which pretty much make me melt everytime i watch.. peep..

here are some more..

D.. you might as well just do a full movie.. i’d pay to see it.. so would THOUSANDS of other

One Response to “His name is D-Nice”

  1. I watch those too. Great videos.

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