So.. The BBstorm buzzed this morning.. a BBM from Bam saying .. Joe Buddens called out Methodman and Meth stepped up to bat, it might be good for AYKD..

Here it is..


My thoughts on it are as put
First  off.. 

To Vibe magazine ..Mtv..Vh1..Source mag.. alllllll of you corporate Platform rapist.. MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS when it comes to any type of hip hop list or aNYthing of that nature.. because you guys get it wrong EVERY time.. i can go on for days and days about the weak list that you fuckers come up with.. but no need to make myself upset right now. ill save that for a full video feat Bam la roc and a few other heads, where we will discuss “the list”..

Neway.. back to my thoughts on this… bottom line is Joe buddens should know better.. you never throw a shot at a Emcee with out thinkin the shit all the way through … dont even think about it if its a legend… and kill ya self if its a Wu tang member..  MethodMan at that!!?? Ya buggin. The way i think is… you never compare nice niggas.. because you always wined up disrespecting another.. like comparing  nas to az is dumb because there both nice .. End Of Story.. compare corny wack niccas , its way better.. But back to what i was saying, Joe  is a serious Rapper who is  LYRICALLY able to crush many emcees [fact] but so is Method Man, i guess he forgot what the Tical album did for the game, how bout tical 2?.. that 421 was hot with no backing from the label.. i mean every artist has lows and highs.. Meth is above all of that bullshit he is ya old head.. respect it.. .. Joe said “some rappers who can’t rap wanna fight all the time because thas all they are good at”..  well Joe, whats the difference between you and them? you seem to be the non-fighting nicca that wants to rap battle all the time because thats all you are good at”  my point is .. a Bully is a Bully. cut it out.. you are speaking to a God in rap music, with out him you might not be here.. think about it.

All in All.. Stop comming out ya mouth about Gods in the game.. it happens so offten.. And i know hes talkin about lyrical shyt but the thing is Meth said nothing to him and Meth and the Wu is sooooo OFF LIMITS when it comes to shyt like this like foreal. be foreal.
Joe relax.. get at another dude who is in your bracket..
and Meth keep on doin you..

He didnt let me down on this blackout two album.. which i will post later on tonight!

Semi bias opinion by: MunzoMoto

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