Freeway – Philadelphia Freeway 2 [2009]


Just  another one champion sound for all of you freeway fans… this album i find very off compared to the other freeway albums.. im not sure if the roc is backing this one.. the ryms are not in question here.. but the production is very weak.. in my eyes atleast .. i still enjoyed this album.. check it out [say thankyou]

1. Pay Attention
2. Finally Free
3. Gotz 2 Be Tha Bomb
4. Hands Up
5. Think About It
6. Crack Rap
7. Murda Muzic
8. Around The World
9. Streets Won’t Miss ‘em
10. The nation
11. It’s a Good Day
12. Keep Yo Hands Up
13. Philly Freezer
link is my own.. its safe

again just posting link to promote album.. make sure after you check it out you go find it an buy it.. word.

P.s.  if he had this AS1 banga on there .. well you know how we do

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