Albus the Albino Alligator [inside joke]


Albus hails from a small albino colony in  New Jersey He was incarcerated 23 years ago for  stealing a car.. and eating the baby koala wala bear sleeping in the back seat.. he is now out on parole.. I tried to ask him a few questions and he quickly cut me off.. stating these few short but heavy words

“Like i said i was set up”
“But let me just say this rite quick”
“Niggas is broke deez days… and im tryin to get paid!”
“oh and to that back stabbing fat fuck Moby.. next time you see me.. just float on ya back cuz ya dead!”
“3A fool buy my album!”

I asked him who was this Moby he spoke of … ( Tipple A just pointed to the water )


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