A Different Perspective

I mean that’s whats this blog stuff is all about right? Right?.. i think? hmmm sometimes we forget that and dig way to deep to come up for an opinion of an opinion .. but isn’t that the point also? hearing someones thoughts and agreeing or disagreeing??… i’ve been searching through these blogs here on word press and blogspot and i have noticed that most ppls views are one sided and not thought out all the way through.. its full of quick reactions.. “MUNZ YOUR BABBLING AGAIN” no no im not “YES YOU ARE WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT” I’m talking about Criticism VS constructive criticism.. bias opinions VS unbiased opinions.. consistency and credibility.. “HMM..INTERESTING…KEEP GOING” ..Now days we live in a “follow the leader” society, if one does , we all do.. “FOLLOWERS”.. yes followers.. these fuckers have gained some sort of self awareness with out understanding .. They do not know how to lead but are quick to direct traffic selfishly.. a real leader knows that its not about just them.. “OH I UNDERSTAND” ok.. so when these guys state there opinion they believe its final and correct.. “WAIT, SO HOW DO WE TELL THESE FUCKERS APART” well i think thas what i was basically getting at .. the key with separation in this case starts with credibility.. “OK SO BREAK IT DOWN FOR ME”… iight so lets use my blog in this case.. “OK” .. ok you dig it right?.. “YEAH”.. you trust in what a fella has to say correct .. “YEAH, YOU BE HAVING ME ROLLIN” .. ok so if i told you to test out or check out something would you .. “SURE I’D LIKE THAT”.. right, cuz i have a good rapport with you .. you feel comfortable and it never feels forced..so look at my extended fam section and see that there are quite a few good opinions.. “ANY IDEAS ON WHERE TO START?”


uhmm.. try them all out… if i had to suggest on right off the top I’d go with The Unicycle diaries you know “the place where existentialism and geek culture collide”  this is one of the few blogs i follow.. its hosted by a young Writer and filmmaker named Paul Tamayo [Rnp Member] out of long island this kid has got skill.. check it out for your self.. here’s 2 vids that he put together.. i need not say any more

2 Responses to “A Different Perspective”

  1. oh man, featured on anyaknodiz? shweet.

    def. returning the favor.

  2. Mr. Jack tunes Says:

    Ill FLIX son is nice

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