Cassie’s BewBs



So the word on the street is somebody “Hacked” her computer…  Not her blackberry.. not her sidekick… but her computer.. hmmm?  When was the last time someone hacked a computer?… how bout for nude pics?.. how bout Nude pics of Cassie? I dont know it seems a lil bit fishy.. the fact that theres only 2 pics also fucks with my head, usually ppl have more than 2.. “boobs” … “ass” … “vah G G”.. … so on her whole computer there was only 2 pics? yeah… u smell what i smell? Bullshyt… im guessing a nicca got mad, and put these out..  all n all. here are Cassandra cassie Ventura’s topless fotos.. if you want unedited.. email me


5 Responses to “Cassie’s BewBs”

  1. & they’re pieeeeeeeerced!


  2. lol
    ew jen likes holy nips

  3. Shannon Says:

    LOL…i dunno why this is so funny to me…maybe cuz she has little boobies…but nice find 🙂

  4. Nah fcuk that…these look infected!


  5. i got the one of her wit her legs spread wider than brandy’s eyezzz!!

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