Nyc Forgot about Big Pun :(

BiG Pun
Man im so disappointed in hip hop right now.. more so in the town where i rest.. NYC .. wtf?
Did we forget about about Big Punisher? huh?
we shoutin out everybody and their mother.. doin all type of stoopid dances
remix albums and all this Bull shyt but what about Pun?

The king of NY.. Lays his crown in the Boogie Down
Everbody wanna be the king now.. but son claimed that title EARRRLY!!

The thing thats bothering me is.. i barely see the love anymore.. from TV shows to radio..
Did this man not earn his spot? Not that he was a rapper that died ..  
but that he was rapper that was nice. Nice in a time where the shyt that is projected as “hip hop” now would not fly at all.. This man like many other men in this rap game had the “Torch” it was passed to him like he passed it to others.. the thing about it is he kept his torch lit bright and hot.. and when he passed it , he made sure that those he passed it to earned it… you can tell when a MC respects the game and those that came b4
Take a song like Glamour life .. how he just brung out the best in every MC on there.. compared to what they might be spittin now.. maybe it was the time, but i like to think he had alot to do with it.. its like why would you want a wack verse knowing puns spittin that shyt?  cuban link’s verse was insaine, fat joe’s was nice to!!…

lol Damn, not to long ago Sheek louch came out with a song called “Kiss your ass goodbye” feat. fabolous, jadakiss, and beanie sigel.. i swore that pun was missing from that song.. cherry on top type shyt .. lol  [no homo]
Ne way im not gonna talk to much for this album, i didnt plan on doing an album post .. this was just an off the top post.. i was scrolling through the musicsand Capital Punishment came up.. and im like damn this nicca made TS blah blah blah.. im not gonna get in to the politics, im just glad i know about this rap shyt.. i have no problem sharing info and love..
Yo pun no disrespect on the write up..  i know i didnt go in in in in on this album like i did nature’s but how could i?.. this album can be put in to words.. SOUND yes but not words..  we show love by keepin the torch lit! , PEACE

link and file provided by me… promo use only u kno the deal.. go buy this album..
TRack list
Super Lyrical
Taster’s Choice
Still not a Player
The Dream Shaterer Feat. Joe
Punish Me Feat. Miss Jones
Parkinamac PT. 1
You Aint a Killer
Parkinamac PT. 2
Caribbean Connection Feat. Wyclef
Glamour Life Feat. fat Joe & Terror Squad
Capital Punishment Feat. Prospect
Uncensored Feat Funkmaster Flex
I’m Not a Player
Twinz (Deep Cover98)
The Rain & the Sun (interlude)
You Came up
Tres Leches (Triboro Feat. Mobb Deeps Prodigy & Wu-Tang’s Rebel INS)
Charlie Rock Shout
Fast Money
Parental Discration Feat. Busta Rhymes

Producers on the album
Big Punisher
Fat Joe
dead prez
The Infinite Arkatechz
Mike Zulu
Franky “Nitty” Pimental
Young Lord
Danny O

One Response to “Nyc Forgot about Big Pun :(”

  1. Can’t stand when new artist or artist in general in the hip hop game forgetting about Pun. Everybody is so busy being on Biggie and Pac’s dead nuts that they forget about how special of a mc Big Pun was.

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