Sup thickness



Whats up ppl?.. So , recently the homeboy “Boobs” put me on to a new Booty model named Pebblez.. cool, i checked her out and she does indeed look like an Ant standing up.. the ass is out there like Whoa!.. but i think the shape of her body has alot to do with the reason it pokes out so much.. i wasnt to impressed by it.. i mean it was good but i felt there was better out there.. so.. i put on my thinking cap and  thought.. and thought and thought and BINGO  Elke pops in to my mind… yup “Elke the stallion”  the same Elke who i had on youtube web cam and got kicked off for .. Now heres a lady lol.. Damn yo what can i say.. what can you say? OD right.. she looks lab made.. almost like shes from another planet… i dig her.. shes a cool person also.. THICK ,the definition…. Enjoy

4 Responses to “Sup thickness”

  1. nah shes not a wolf.. just a lil different

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