Tyson 2009


The Greatest Boxer to ever step in the ring!


So far this is my favorite movie of 09… i doubt aNYthing grabs me like this movie did.. i guess its because growing up Mike was the guy i knew to be “IT” in boxing.. there wasn’t aNYbody else i looked up to besides Roy Jones jr [ more so later on in his career].. But Mike.. yeah Mike was my man.. even when he was faceing hard times i stayed a loyal fan.. i always looked at the man outside the ring more so than inside… its like i knew what he could do in the ring and i always figured it would take a strong mental to be so uhmm .. ILL!.. lol … while everyone made fun and poked jokes at his voice from the media to friends of mine..almost making him seem dumb i always listened to what he was saying rather than how his voice sounded.. “INTELLIGENT.. SMARTER THAN YOU.. WELL READ”.. were the words i used to fight arguments about Mike..

This movie said it better than i could.. the different stages of his life explained by him.. he touches on Cus D’amato.. Robin Givens .. Don King.. Jail [WHOA] … the so called rape [ i honestly neva thought he did rape that girl, i guess that’s just me thou]  .. the come back.. the reason behind it all… wow.

I give this movie  6 out of 5 stars.. It makes you remember in case you forgot.. it shows the HUMAN inside of the machine.. i hope you all watch this movie its FUCKIN INCREDIBLE… again.. THE GREATEST BOXER OF ALL TIME.




my link safe

there are two links.. one for the movie stream .. and one for the actual download. so you can watch when every you like.

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