Cut it out

Cassie’s hair..
my thoughts on it.. well the same as i feel about all you buzz cut vics
“why you bitches gotta be so damn drastic?”
DAMN!! i get it, your “indi”.. you are “free”.. you do what you want..
but why didnt you do it last year? or the year b4?.. 
it took for amber rose to be in the spot light and you respecting her reason for it..
and its not just her check Noémie Lenoir and many others
but i see it more now that shes all out wit Kanyeezy
i guess you biters are not as “indi” as ya might think.. gi jane!
Remember wen chicks cut their hair after the went thru suttin ruff
all imma say is Cut it out!
save it for domestic violence.. rape.. break up.. chicks
Welp with that said
big shout to all my long hair mamas.. you look amazing



5 Responses to “Cut it out”

  1. she looks fucking stupid.

  2. thanks for the nightmares.

  3. she looks dumb.
    and confused.

    but, as for the short hair “thing”
    i mean hair comes and goes and grows
    why not be a lil different and try something new?

  4. blah to all of that

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