Catch me like this and im FEARLESS

You ends up like this

Well It starts off like this..

until a nicca gets pissed.. from all yall wining about petty bullshyt… “i dont even know you like that, we neva broke bread”  .. huh! ..  Next thing you kno im in a hospital bed.. Doctor said “take it easy son, another burst my man.. you might end up inna hell of a jam”
0805082051aB4 he jammed he put the band on my hand.. da left one n left munz right where i stand.. damn.. i need to cool down , anymore stress will have dis cool clown dumped in a  lost n found.. i aint talkin bout me im talkin bout He who push me.. im out on this ledge  i hope he kno that im close to the edge ..
dsc02115aint scared to jump.. shyt i’ve done it b4.. deep end on the weekend after smokin that raw.. blacked out …zoned out .. saw myself in  different situations .. thas the same day my heart started palpitations.. … i woke up on mars pop lockin in the moon light.. damn right ya boy keep his moves tight .. outer space neva seen a niccas move like Ds .. 4 Martians stopped me.. and proceeded to ask me… to teach them and in return i ll get returned.. im like who said i wanna go home??..
pc190026I though that they would leave me alone.. but i was wrong.. fuck it .. i teach yall anyway.. OK?… now they say peace is recognized thru ones eyes they aint have but one.. wat a surprise.. but i had 4.. so i gave two..  they liked me more .. “go with them they gon fix you” …. huh!.. mad thoughts up in my mind.. a sound went BING …one said “ya third eyes no longer blind”.. they said “you must wait 20 mins b4 you use ya new visions” im like yeah.. lol..  turns out the nigga meant 4 years.. fast forward  4 years…
kjYa boy had to calm down… but if you look in my eyes you could see imma fucking tickin bomb now.. back on my other shyt .. no need to smoke im on some other shyt .. no job..  so im back to robbing niccas quick.. dumbfounded by how fun it is and was.. only reason for this is cuz i ran out of my fuckin drugs.. not the street ones but prescriptions.. Topamax , and Lamictal daily; lorazepam 4 MGs.. yeah im crazy.. fuck you ill spit on ya moms b..
copy-of-image04now im masked up night and daily.. on daily no weed but a bottle of baileys… feeling green wit out that irish spring… fresh boy  neva stale crisp chips i mean this… since you wish u was this.. ill give ya the list .. here bitch
dsc00577chilll this is to easy, if i eva wanted you done up ill call up cheese E .. thats my right hand n he neva miss .. he shoot lefty  we callem cheese cuz u’ll end up like Swiss, now keep it moving .. movies wen im drunk feet up like fuck it
0804082146dsc00799 I lit a match and lighted a candel with it.. huh!..  im all alone at a table.. starvin..  empty like every other night like damn my imaginations getting the best of me.. peter pan all grown up.. searchin for stars.. imma rock type .. atleast thats what the stamp say right?..  im hungry so i guess i must play this game to survive… no lies i seen the shyt in my third eye..  it will be over soon i suppose.. b4 the next full bloom i suppose… i smell it now  i dig it now i wanna taste it.. now .. two bottles appear… i get it now…  food fight right?.. yeah im thinkin real clear like avion spring like fugi ova here..
img_1620dsc007921Ooh la la la.. the food just appeared and im still all alone but im eatin.. so what!
but like i said i aint neva broke bread with you so why you in my face still… Bruce banner with mines but i can never return to my previous state but still.. niggas will just have to deal with it… cuz wen take that mask off after i first picture you…illimg_3807-2

fuck a rym . its a crime to think like this…and im sayin im sane…  im sayin!


One Response to “Catch me like this and im FEARLESS”

  1. This is a dope ass story picture rap lol
    *read in slick rick voice*

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