Movie Night : MARTYRS

iight so we gathered at Extrabutter like we always do for movie night… and everyone came out in full force..  i had such a long day, i really planed to plop down as soon as i arrived but that all changed once i got there….  “Is brooklyn in the house? Rvc where yall at? make some noise!”  … Mishka was there..  Ellen stagg  Milk and honey…Mass transit….  FormatAnimal house .. RNP came thru… and Butter was in the building.. raine is still out of town but the whole fuckin crew was there!!!!  also My brother from another came thru to support ya boy…  Court ,what up?!…  i feel like a kid wen my family is there in full.. the vibe was awesome.. one day along time ago a crew saw a vision.. a vision of a new Culture based on things they love.. i cant help but to say WELCOME TO OUR WORLD

We watched a flick called Martyrs …  Pascal Laugier wrote n directed this movie [Martyrs] 
i will not give the movie away.. i will speak about it.. This french horror movie might be the greatest horror flick ever.. its FUCKED UP and at the same time its BEAUTIFUL .. this movie did not sit with me very well after.. although it was Gorey and suspenseful ..while watching it didn’t bother me as much as it did the night after when i was thinking about it.. FUCK yo that look in her eyes fucked me up.. Martyrs had every  mix of  horror.. suspense.. monster.. murder/slasher.. paranormal.. WOW “A” fuckin “plus” Pascal .. BRAVO!!!  although i wish i never saw it lol i am glad i did and i would recommend everyone do it at least once.. i wonder how Cinematic watched that shyt alone?.. wtf.. sick bastard!.. anyway here are some pictures from the night.. please enjoy.OHH it was RooSe’s and Sycko’s birthday so congrats to both on another year in the game good luck guys.. i love you much .


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