STORY TIME: What in the fuck?

2 chix…  3 guys.. a pair is made and 3 stand uneven

So .. ok heres how the story goes ..


Backstory: “Me and E.chill are playing “6 toe” for Mr. Azupep.. This chick asked Mr.Azupep to come back to the crib, “ya friends can come tois what she said .. her roommate wasnt happy with that … but the night goes on  

The girls had few drinks and Mr.Azupep says im gonna drive their car, follow us”  E.Chill and myself do just that.. so we are driving behind them ,their car was a 1989 bronco [ i think it was stolen lol ] me and E.Chill was 09 Benz’d up rolling right behind them the neighborhood was lookin very nice, but as we kept driving that changed very fast ..  “ew” E.chill said…. I was crackin up at his “ew” statement.. the neighborhood we were in was FILTH ….. Neway we arive in this apartment complex and walked up to the door… they open the door and all i could think was “What in the fuck?”.. E.chill was thinking the same.. We saw this colorful  blend of old shyt mixed in with made up shyt… i felt like i was at pee wee’s play house… E.chill would discribe it as so.. “Its like 2 hippies died in here back in 1975 and they didnt move there bodies out untill the day before these two bitches moved in.. they even left there shyt in here…”





 Photos takin with black berry storm

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