Whackpiktures is BACK!!!!!!

Well they never really left, it seemed that way to us fans addicted to their “Fat Albert in the hood” series, in which the big hommies Pikahsso and Tahiti [of the Music group AwkQuarius]  take the old fat Albert cartoon and do voice overs and edits to make up complete new stories [which have been wayyyy more popular than the originals].. so with millions of views and hits comes “hate”.. pretty much, they had to remove all of the videos … leaving there fans on hold.. here is a clip of Pikahsso saying some of what i just wrote lol.. he talks 50 miles a second!

Ok so months later these master minds put there thinking caps on and came up with a new plan!!! check it out..

Mister T (An American Pimp)
When an extra strange Business Man decides he doesn’t want to pay a Vietnamese call girl for her services, Mister T decides to take matters into his own hands.


I fucking lost it as soon as that nicca T spoke.. shyt lol I have not laughed that long in a long time.. haha.

NeWay show the fellas some love and swing by there many many many pages, im not gonna list them all  also here is a vid of one of AWKQUARIUS’ songs called “Lets hit the town”.. DOPE




What up fellas thanks for that love on  WhackHistory moments


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