“Imma photographer”

I guess its been in use for a while now but that seems to be the steady pick up line for 09.. anyway..
for ladies that wanna be models  [see the bottem ]

here we are again…  another Vh1 Nude post.. sorry ppl its not really my thing but everyone keeps askin in emails.. so i guess i must provide,  VH1 seems to be everyones favorite showcase of new “talent” soo.. who do we have up to bat?

Christina Ly “Cali” from Real Chance of love   .. i wont judge her like i did Danger [love of brandy brother] , and call her pics trashy… well.. maybe i will.. lol  how bout “ghetto trashy”..  nude with uptowns on .. that shyt cracks me up.. anyway.. enjoy

if you borrow the pics shout me out














git at her if you think you gott a shot.. heres all of her info

Cali’s phone # 818-748-9104

www.christinecali.com (fan site)

 www.christinely.com (model site)



for you up comming  models 



Be very careful about guys doing “nude” or semi-nude shoots. Often these guys are doing it just to get their jollies or to get laid. Check him out thoroughly and examine his previous work. Make sure you know where and what he’s intending to publish these photos in. Also, make sure you get copies for your portfolio. If he’s legit, you will have to sign a model release, which basically means he can use your images any damn where he pleases.
If he’s really legit, you will be able to tell immediately upon seeing the set where you’re supposed to pose. The lights and equipment he has tells all. If it’s cheap and shoddy and he shows a lack of experience, walk away. Make absolutely sure you tell a good friend where you are, the phone number, who the guy is, and what you’ll be doing.
Charge approximately $50/hour or $300  for the entire day (8 hours).
In my opinion, it would be a mistake to do it for free, mainly because you’re expected to pose topless or nude. In this day and age, $50/hour is nothing to a professional. Only $300/hour models are expected to know how to pose without coaching. 
know that all pics come back in the future , most regret it.

photographers charge 300 pluss also so you might have to trade.. let him get ya nude for a few good pics that you want.. [sucks but it works]


16 Responses to ““Imma photographer””

  1. She is sloppy as hell.

  2. I have seen all the other girls nudes but not this one. I thought Cali was smart enough not to go down that road but I was wrong.. once again =X

  3. i’d hit

  4. jive FAMOUS Says:

    she got lil nipples!
    & its somethin about her face that..
    i find VERY disturbing.

  5. Um..why does she look like some kind of Asian hybrid of Hoopz with fake tits and a pudgy belly?

    Ehh..could be worse i suppose.

  6. yea lil nips are a no no

  7. TheCustodian Says:

    Ho got dem extra plastic nipples with a mushroom top..sup witdat?

  8. wow..
    um nice nipples lol.

    24A803C4 hit me on the BB.

  9. Wowzers.

  10. Her tits are weird.

  11. CrunchWrapSupreme Says:

    Sup Thickness?

  12. at least there’s no spread shots.

  13. were da pussy at lol

  14. kookmaster Says:

    i’d fuck lol

  15. graffhead Says:

    I wana c more!

  16. honelty cali your hot to me and i would most liekly hit that show up at my place and i would show you how i would tame that and you would very much love it these other guys saying that your not hot sh please i bet if you showed up at there house trust me they would drop there pants and be ready to fuck so trust me they are just hating babe dont worry about them

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