Nature [nay-chur] -Noun


Hmm where should i start?, how should i start?.. yeah that will work.
Nature is a name i will never leave out of my list of dope Emcees…. How could I?, hes a NYC rap legend.. and like most NY rap legends Nature never reached the “Massive success”  but FUUCCKKK THATT because most of the rappers that do are not talented and there sales are based off of  marketing and great promotion.. for those of you that have never heard of him, let me introduce. 

Nature is Queens-bridge born rapper…  Nature and Nas went to school together… Nas who first took notice of his talent for rhyming put  Nature “on” , he included Nature in the Grand,glorious, grandiose, heroic, magnificent, majestic, MONUMENTALrap group “The Firm” .. Nature was 25 at the time.. Nature was brought in the group to replace rapper Cormega.. I can remember being pissed off as a kid when i herd that Mega was not gonna be in the firm anymore and i had unforced hate towards Nature prejudging him…”who is this funny nicca?” i said .. lol  Nature made me swallow my words as soon as i herd the line  “Who’s the first to set it?
At times my thirst’s pathetic…”
owww!  And then he proceeded to stomp my face in the mud through out the album.. and when Five Minutes to Flush came on.. well lets just he proved he belonged.. the firm broke up and everyone went solo..
Nature did not release his solo project untill 2000.. A Long Wait! but damn well worth it.. the Album was Titled For All Seasons –  Pure Fire from front to back.. The Production on this album was so unorthodox .. DOPE beats complimented by natures calm and steady voice, Masterful flows, and stand out hooks.. Reality rap at its best, And if ever asked what is definition of reality rap, show them For All Seasons.

Tracks acording to D.Munz

  • Intro – This to me is a hot corny beat… lol …something to throw you off..  so ya guard is down.. And he can hit you with the body shot…
  • Man’s World –  Man o Man if you have neva been to nyc.. this is our vibe.. smooth and hard like a shot of henny or brugal ..classic  NY head knock ..  its like being high and zone’n out to your world..
  • We ain’t friends – Classic tail of buddy’s of all types … the production on this is so out there, Ny boom bap rethought  and that sample is used well.. the hook on this is MONEY
  •  Shit like this – the hook pretty much explains it all.. lol
  • The Ultimate High –Possibly the best song on the album..guess who’s on it…  O.G. NAS  Kenobi !!!!!
  • Young love –  Whats a true rap album with out that ill ass love story? .. it is essential .. this one has a twist!!
  • Go Head – This beat had to be created by mad scientist in white lab coats moving a mile a minute lol.. its out there.. but beats like this allow for many flows.. this song is missing one thing to me .. “Half-a-Mill”
  • Nature’s  Shine – My favorite track on the album.
  • Smoke – Lyricaly this track is the best on the album , the shyt hes saying is just fucking dope [ . ]
  • Remember – Think a bout what hes saying.. paints a picture
  • Talkin’ that shit – at this point hes just showing off lol.. the beat allows for a flawless victory At 6`1..  170 plus .. Henny’d up.. walk around like I could never be touched”
  • I don’t give a fuck – Hook is funny as hell.. song is pure truth
  • Don’t Stop – I broke this album down, and so did Nature… its well thought… “don’t stop”, and it does .. and your sitting there like WTF! how you gonna end it like this?! “keep going”  lol genius

 You guys will understand why i give it a rating of  “CLASSIC” [fact]
if you feel different, speak on it but make sure you think about your opinion first.

OK here’s the link..
[i uploaded it so its safe]

this is copywrittin material and  my reason of posting is only to promote art and culture, also to support Nature [i did] .. please go out and support all artist who respect the game.

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