Tweet Skeetin


Facebook.. myspace.. and this is more than enough for me..  All this exposure can not be good for everyday ppl…

there has to be a reason for all of this madness and nosey behavior .. i dont like it.. i dont like it.. i dont like it … but back to the topic.. Most of you ppl have nothing good to say… i feel if you Must tweet, be the best.. His name is Tweetus Christ



“EaseDaMan” of Mishka Nyc, is now known on twitter as Tweetus Christ… He seems to know what hes doing.. He tweets more than anyone you know [fact], and speaks to everyone… the man tweets so much that he gets the message “Wow, that’s a lot of Twittering! You have reached your limit of updates for the hour. Try again later” alll the time..  [ ranked 32,195th on twitterholic! (by followers) Ease DaMan is ranked 1st in his location on twitterholic!]   i guaranty that you will enjoy this add.. so do it.. go add EaseDaMan and laugh ya lunch up, cuz dude is funny. Hes a Bucktown boy he might take some getting use to.



other good adds


3 Responses to “Tweet Skeetin”

    you gave in to the twitter nation.

  2. Kinda but not really, i didnt join.. and i dont follow

  3. do you read Japa’s tweets? lmao.

    don’t kill me, Japa. but seriously… just ask cam.

    on twitter we speak to everyone… and no one.

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