Bento Bash

Tonight …. well last night was the Extrabutter x Milk and Honey x LanLabs  Dinner @ Taiko 
to keep up with the japanese theme from last week [movie night] … Unfortunately i could not make it to this … “AHHHHH!” , I hate not being able to conquer the world every step of the way with my broskiz..  But things come up as we all know, im such the vampire these days but with good intent, there is always a meaning to my maddness.. they say hard work pays.. damn though, i was really looking forward to a night of good sushi and conversation.. mostly the sushi lol….. I’ve eaten at Taiko before and the grade i give there food is an A+.. Although i did not get to roll thru last night the RnP squad swung through and showed love like they always do.. My broseph who is apart of the RnP squad said the food was on point and said somthing about a drunk lady dancing around actin silly.. If you know about butter we do everything in style .. “First Quality” we stand by that shyt kid.. heres a lil gift bag or box if you will..



I cant help but to think Hey Guys had everything to do with these goodies lol

8 Responses to “Bento Bash”

  1. The packaging look bright and colourful, but what are inside those packages?

  2. the one with the koala bear on the package is wafer cookies with chocolate inside.. similar to a Ferrero Rocher..

    with the other.. im not sure whats in there…. i do see a skunk on the pakage so im unsure as to what it is, ill wait untill i get word lol might be a trick 🙂

    ill be sure to let ya know

  3. My guess it’s some cookie or crackers.

  4. cinematicsoliloquy Says:

    nope…my idea, mainly the faux-bento box and the chopsticks…everything else was christina and mariko.. you should have been there man!

  5. i know, im beatin my self up.. ayyeee

  6. turns out becky.. that my koalas had strawberry filling, tasted awesome

  7. lol I like how the male on the “carbonated soft drink” bottle looks all determined and heroic while the female looks snobby and “better than” myself. Gotta love marketing.

  8. yup its all in the eyebrows

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