Dr. Munzo Moto Cookin some shyt


Here is one of the many solid metaphors that complete me. Although a few think they have me figured out ..people don’t know this side of me in full  …this is the way i like it :.smile.:..  Let me break it down for you .. that is if you don’t mind..
My brain is a house with immaculate features , this i  know..  if you don’t then you really don’t know me do you? And noooo this is not the “pep talk” you preach to your self when you are incapable .. no not that at all.. “please dont confuse me with dog, im different” ..  Today we will be In the kitchen; a real comfortable  place for me to be [in mind and out].. classic convos, good eats, etc etc.. My Favorite thing about the kitchen is , this is where it all goes down at.. the real place of planing , preperation and for me creating… you can also clean up some dirty dishes here.. as most rush into things where they dont know their next moves or have the slightest idea of what there tru goal is, i myself have a game plan and back up plans to the meals i am creating.. recipies are the key, some like to use others some like to make up there own.. i myself have been doing this for a while, i tweak what was taught to me years ago .. its apart of me ..  Strategically, this is the way i have been moving and the way i have to move, it works for me.

Right now I will be showing you how to handle a Steak… Well lets get to it.
[please understand that all of what you see, wether you know it or not can be used to help you reach you goal]

Whats beef?


mushrooms and onions.. need to be rinsed off and cut to how ever you like.. throw them in the pan with olive oil and butter.. that mix will keep the butter from burning.. only cook them for a min or so.. throw them in a bowl and use the oil from that to sear your steak.. the sear is the most important part.. it seals all the goodness in.. sear both sides ..once you get a nice caramelized  color thing going on lol.. throw that bitch in the oven.. broil.. constantly flipping the steak.. few mins is all you need..plate your steak.. throw the pan back on the stove while still hot and put your mushroom onion mix back in… high heat .. cook for a few mins onions should have a nice clean color… put over your steak.. and get busy.. 
“BONEEEEESS N ALLL”  –Squints Palledorous

P.S. Med rare is the only way to go



7 Responses to “Dr. Munzo Moto Cookin some shyt”

  1. sasha0382 Says:


  2. nigga you dumb, you better cook that strip med rare

  3. i did.. you must read chris


  5. lol i feel ya boi!

  6. Eh Med. rare??
    Medium. ❤
    & you’re fat for eating it without sidedishes.

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