The Watchmen


The Watchmen

The Comedian / Edward Blake
Doctor Manhattan / Jonathan Osterman
Nite Owl / Dan Dreiberg
Ozymandias / Adrian Veidt
Silk Spectre / Laurie Juspeczyk
Rorschach / Walter Kovacs


OK so.. I watched it.
oh!?, you want to know my thoughts on it?

The Watchmen, so i enjoyed this long ass movie lol.. The plot was good and it was a solid story and one must remember the director and writers wanted to stick to the original story and from what i know they did. The movie does drag at points but never once did i feel the need to rush through a scene to get to the next.. the action was fit for the story wasn’t to much wasn’t to little [ayee] ..

I’m no movie critic I’m just stating my views on it so bare with me…  I guess ill go through the characters and my thoughts on them, ok sooooo first we have The Comedian, who wasn’t so funny , honestly the only funny thing about him was the fact that they called him the comedian..  dude was sick in the head, i would give most people the benefit of the doubt and say , well yeah hes sick only because of what hes seen.. uh no.. not this guy.. how u gonna pop ya pregnant baby momma ? and rape ya crew member the list goes on and on with this guy.. kind of happy  he got killed off.. I’m sure he would have killed his self sooner or later. Doctor Manhattan, a big ass smurf with god like powers still capable of feeling emotion, to me he had no imagination, what good is having such great powers when you act like a punk… create and prevent my nicca! Nite Owl, looks an acts like one… but he ain’t no bitch [fact]. Ozymandias, this dude is the winner of it all… filthy stanky rich.. a superhero.. a super villain… and the smartest dude on the planet.. what more can i say? Silk Spectre , is a lil ho’ish? can i say that? i don’t think I’m wrong.. i mean she jumped from a 3sum wit 3 copies of “smurf god” in bed doin her :the right way lol.. right to nite owl who had a bit of trouble getting it in… but she gave him a second try where he did work, i think she even flirted with her dad if I’m not mistaking.. Mommy’s little girl. Rorschach, the one true hero, shamed with so much guilt he wouldn’t give up hope on humans..

i guess ill rate the movie a 7.7 out of 10 which is awesome because no movie is prefect and this one had its flaws…

i know your mad at my scoring.. SO here’s what you can do..  post a comment about it.. and we can discuss.. if not.. then put it in ya mouth and eat it!

[also.. NO RESPECT  to die heart fans of this watchmen shyt with no prior watchmen knowledge before the movie or word of the movie..suckaaaaaz]

7 Responses to “The Watchmen”

  1. I was actually going to make a post about The Watchmen on my blog, but now I don’t think I will because I don’t wanna look like a biter, lol
    Definitely a dope movie though, I really liked it, and nice char. analyzation hahaha

  2. lol just a quickie.. it was early morning… i was a lil lazy

  3. It’s funny because while everyone loves Rorshach, he’s the most conservative right-winged one of them all. He’s also madd homophobic in the book. lol.

    But yeah, you pretty much nailed the characters and that’s the beauty of Watchmen. They’re all so different and oh so psychotic. Seriously, nothing tackles people dressing up and fighting crime like Watchmen. Those people have serious issues but seriously kick ass.

    Glad you liked it.

    … and the nerds slowly inherit the earth.

  4. <og nerd

    i would like to know where and how they learned to fight so well

  5. I liked The Watchmen.
    I went to see it w/ some alum from my school and they ragged on it. Freaking over analytical Christians. I thought it was a good reflection of how most American’s think and how we try to suppress our human instincts for the sake of society.

  6. It looks like we have similar ideas on this subject.

  7. I liked the movie but was sick of the new world order bullshit that was drenched in scene after scene. You know you’re in trouble when your “entertainment” industry is soaked in the political whitewashing of our brains for a fascist totalitarian dynasty. “Be slaves and smile.” Fuckin’ snakes man.

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