100 ways to say i love you…

 Well its not even close to 100 but we tried… thanks for the help guys.. if anybody has more ill add, like i said the goal is 100..  this is us being us  lol


Text message –  Jay

aiming away from her eye  – Caff

sign language. – Ash

A jizz pie. – SB

Morse Code – Jay

not acknowledging that fat ass that just walked by – Caff

leaving him before you actually murder him in the most disturbing way possible – Ash

Hit her – Jay

tell her she does the tongue thing better then her best friend does – Jokes

tell her she sounds good when u kno she cant sing – Munz

tell Lies – Everyone

put ur mouth on them that could be love – Munz

lose a fight with them -Pooka

Courier Pigeon. – Jay

Putting the toilet seat back down. – Doofus

Pee on her – Jay

Popping back pimples for them – Munz

bringing her flowers – Munz

sex while shes on her rasberry daiquiri – Mr. Chi City

he lets you paint his nails – Munz

& vice versa. – Ash

you can drive my car – Nay

whatchin the notebook – Munz

smack her on the ass  – Caff

wake up/good night text/calls. – Neesh the Geek

toss a pillow on the floor before she kneels – Caff  [ftw]

put up with her anyoing ass friends – Munz

Share your icecream – Ash

leave your phone out in the open instead of taking it to the bathroom with you  – Caff

I want you to have my child – Nay

Olive juice [olu-jooce] – Zoey

neck sniff – Munz

Tossing there Salad – Traci

I hate you – Nay

Have deep convos with them – Su

put up with his annoying ass friends’ – Neesh the Geek

Choking that hoe – Munz

Eating the cooch – Rome

pretend to listen – Jay

doing something you normally wouldnt do,
just because it makes them happy  –  sable

hangin out with there family with out them being there – Munz

farting/shitting in front of them – Sable

143 – sable [ FTW ]

Not use a condom and politely wipe off the semen from her stomach.   – P.Dox

when you let the girl have multiple orgasms, Cuz ain’t no way i’m putting effort into sex unless I really care for the heffa.   –  P.Dox

pretending to like most of his cooking. – nicky

swallowing every time – A.p.

Stopping to see him on your way to work in the morning – A.P.

Thinking of his kids when stuff goes on sale at your store – A.P.

Bring her some wings on her lunch break – Jay

let her talk slick out the mouth with out smackin her lips off  – Munz

2 B cont..

5 Responses to “100 ways to say i love you…”

  1. u left out ‘put up with his annoying ass friends’.

  2. lol, ohmahgosh.

  3. yall niggas wild

  4. Be honest with them. This includes frequent use of the phrase “shut the fuck up!” Always remember to say “please” and “thank you.” 🙂

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