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hadda bugged out dream.. i had to write.

its not evernight i can fall asleep.. i did for the first time in days and i fuckin woke up its like 5am

a good friend of mine was in it with me… and i was scared to speak to her as if she was sooooooo “it” or on top of her shyt that it made me shy/nervous , so i just stood there mouth full of important words and not one came out.. now  my dreams are no joke and they mean something usually they come to fruition.. strange shyt u have no clue.. anyway i want to know what i was gonna tell her or wanted to tell her.. i cant think of anything i have not said and i dont think there is anything i have to say? im not sure cuz shyt gets touchy wen i talk bout this situation [all respect givin] yikes so like its dumb early and i want to talk to her, maybe it will come out in covno? i just got on this shyt lookin for ya..  nobody cares  i kno i kno but when these dreams speak i listen. no joke.  ok so should i call? im think i should but at the same time im like “wtf are you doing ya big  jerkoff.. go to fuckin sleep and talk later” i kno but i cant sleep it was so real and it seemed so important.. feels real.. i shouldnt even be typin this shyt.. fuck it.. its my bog .. yall ignore it.. ill post a cover up later.. i type for proof   so wen shyt goes down i can say “see.. what i say?”

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