Eminem–relapse album [promo use only]



lol cool you found it!!!

Eminems new album Relapse.. in full… so today is May 07
and i back posted this album because.. like i said this is for the true Em fans.. true hip hop fans..
please understand my reason for posting this album is to promote it nothing more.. so enjoy it… all links are mine.. album is dope! well worth it.. i will be buying this.. i hope you do the same. Em is one of those artist hip hop needs to stay alive..  and hearing this album lets you know hes here to stay.. so in order for this man to keep putting out music and blessing our ears with his rym skill.. we must go out and support.. BUY RELAPSE  matter of fact go buy 3 albums.. one for the car.. one to get signed and on to wreck in the cd player.. everyone who DLs this album from here needs to say THANKYOU.. where are you manners?


say thank you.. because you came to me.. i didnt come to you..
pluss its password protected ..

2 Responses to “Eminem–relapse album [promo use only]”

  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  2. Thank You!

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