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28 short DAYS LATER…Fuck you…. and Thankyou :)

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Hello everyone, I hope all is well..   Now I’m not the type of person to be all over the top black n proud.. but today my friends.. today i will say what the fuck i want to.. tomorrow imma go back to being clark kent. As most of us know February is Black history month, AWESOME black history has its own month yayyy!!… [NOT!].  I mean most Black ppl laugh at the fact that we got the shortest month to celebrate a heritage that we had/have to learn outside of  public school.. cuz they ain’t teaching nothing worthy in school, well unless you attend higher learning in a college; and even then you have to take the course  that is not mandatory.. and who’s going to go out there way to learn some new shyt that doesn’t serve a purpose in everyday life… not you.. i cant front .. not me either.. i mean its only not important because no one ever made it that way from early on.. example “U.S. history” only important because they pumped that shyt in ya head.. if they didn’t pump it.. you wouldn’t give a fuck..   Where am i going with this?? i have no clue.. i could honestly go on and on about black history and black culture not being respected in America which trinkles over to the rest of the world, and it erks me knowing how much we have done as a people coming from NOTHING times 12,363,586,906,464 [yea that much of nothing].. Its a fucked up world when people try and brush off slavery which was said to last from 1619-1877  , and alllll black ppl know that shyt aint end in no fuckin 1877.. how bout 1968.. Maybe.. depending if your town wanted to follow the law… so imagine alllll those years …lets say the first 100 years..  WoW.. i mean no detail needed.. the holocaust lasted 1942-1945.. we’ll say 1933 cuz thats wen homeboy with the fucked up stash came in to power..  12 years and Jewish people will not let that shyt go.. nor should they.. we know how bad it was for them based off stories.. we can only imagine how bad slavery was..  and I’m not comparing the two I’m just saying how the world is fucked up.. and how nothing like this should ever be brushed off.. and we should all stand up for each other as humans, because we all live and die from the same things… OK, its Fuck you time.. fuck your government programs…  fuck your project buildings fuck your liquor stores on every fucking corner …. fuck BET for there lame attempt at celebrating black history… fuck P.A.W.G.s although it looks good on some, its sloppy on most sorry to tell ya … fuck the fact that we got the shortest month ever to shout out as fast as we can the contributions that some have giving there short lives up for , even if we did 10 names a day for each day we would not cover them all … fuck who ever calls elvis the king  rock n roll  the king of rock n roll is chuck mutha fuckin berry if you wanna name names … i mean even if you dont there were 50 mufuckas in line b4 elvis das like naming vanilla ice the king of rap fuck him too….  fuck the new kids on the block  how bout ralph,ronny, bobby, ricky, n mike mother fucker .. stealing styles n shyt …. fuck backstreetboys confusin me wen i was lil..  arguing in school like “no there called BLACKSTREET” cuz all i knew was  the rnb group, fuck them boys.. fuck McDonald’s for allllll them funny jigga boo sambo tap dancin ass ads aimed at us.. fuck fried chicken for tasting so damn good and fuck you for looking down on that lol I’m buggin i got more but… how bout some thank yous?? coo.. thank you to Everyone who came before us …thank you for general Tao chicken….  Thank you for Whack History Moments “…. thank you to the strugle [they worked out with 2lbs  we worked out with 2,000 tons] .. thank you for being so strong.. thank you for shaping the world.. thank you for being so fucking fly.. thank you for the best jokes this world has to offer … thank you for being so creative… thank you for not giving up … thank you for voting 🙂  ohh you knew i was going there …

Although we don’t know where hes taking us.. its ok… because He’s taking us…  we have walked blindly before with farrrrr worse ppl.. so why the hell not! beyond him being the man in charge he in his core is a Father, i know a lot of us have not had the opportunity to enjoy a father but just look at this and understand that if you ever do get a chance to be one, take that and never let it go. He promised the girls a puppy and kept his word …  OK so this is not the pup but it is the type of pup



nooooo  not this pic ,the other ones!!  


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Jamie Foxx feat. T-Pain – Blame it

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For some damn reason companies dont want ppl embeding vids from youtube on to other sites.. i guess they dont want promotion like that ?, anyway.. i wanted to post the new Jamie Foxx T-pain video for “blame it”..
i dont usually post music vids unless there good..  side note: it looks similar to something we did for jaz-z..

In-n-out burger…

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The company “In nout” starts workers at $10 hr  with a nice pay raise in a short few months also its workers get health insurance… can you say WEOW!!! [DJ Bam la Rock Style]… as if that wasnt enough this place might make the best burgers ever created [in my eyes atleast]  …  you can’t say much exept for “my kinda prices” cuz these things are priced nicely way better than WacArnolds and Burger Queen.. if you ever come across one.. order animal stlye.. you’ll understand wen you get there!


Late night shyt

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its 3:44 in the morning n im up like always .. searching youtube and i come across this  commercial from gap.. it didnt register in my head until :10 secs in.. and then remembered it in full.. that was my fav move by the way. ill  commercial..

Gifts from My trip… whos gitting one

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SPOTLIGHT: Artist of the week “Bugsy”

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This Weeks Hottie

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Your thoughts?

 whiteIm just waitin for my shot with Ms White.. Hey?