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SPOTLIGHT: Producer of the week “BattleCat”

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My Golden Age Of Kids Television

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Whats up yall, Whats the word?  After posting my last post i felt the need to follow it up with something similar..  My last post was based off child hood memories i gathered from sitting in front of the t.v. /radio.. here is a post a lil different;  this is from from a popular kids television station

 If you have not guessed the station.. yup.. NICKELODEON

To keep things moving i feel the need to shout out some of  my #1 child hood shows from nick

The Adventures of Pete and Pete ( 1993-1996 )
Are You Afraid of the Dark ( 1992 – 1996 )
Clarissa Explains it All (1991-1994)
Double Dare ( 1986-1988 )
Doug (1991-1994)
Mr. Wizard’s World (1983-1991)
Ren and Stimpy (1991 – 1996)
Salute Your Shorts (1991-1992)
You Can’t Do That on Television (1979-1990)
Aaahh!!! Real Monsters (1994-1998 )
Count Dukula (1988-1993)
Eureka’s Castle (1989-1995)
Hey Dude (1989-1991)
Rocko�s Modern Life (1993-1996)
Rugrats (1991-2004)
Welcome Freshman (1991-1993)

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Sprite is Iight… [revisited]

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I have had other blogs in the past, an  i do not really like to reuse post, but i could not resist .. this is a new blog so i need something fresh and exciting to go along with  it.. what better than lemon lime flavored water with bubbles… Pluss a good friend of mine named JJ /”HiJack” [a upgrade to “gimmie your wallet”]  made sure i didnt leave out any key parts.. thanks fam!
  “Well normaly i dont do this but ****~~**** yall go head n keep the part goin!!”

Ok so if anyone knows me then you kno i am a dedicated sprite drinking fool.. i will not touch the other stuff..FACT!.. i “loves” this shyt .. no caffeine no bullshyt carmel ,  plain and simple the shyt taste good.. lemon lime .. MMmMMMMM … the smell.. :breathes deep: MMMM .. well if u really do know me then you also know that i am apart of hiphop.. it is my culture/life .. “where the fuck are u going with this munz” ok ok ok .. sprite is one of the few companies if not the only one that treated hip hop with the respect that it deserved.. unlike many many other rapist companies.. dont u remember?.. well enjoy ..bam

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5 dollas will smash dat…

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When you broke and hungry theres only one way to go…
Beef paties and coco bread.. n lets not forget the Grape soda..
this is Nyc westindian allll daybag




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BLUE MAGIC.. “It’s aliveee it’s alivvee”

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Photos by Nowonder
Model Dr.Munz







My New [selvage] Visvim Denim

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Myyyyyyy Raaaaawwww Visvims
walk through my front door
and roll all over 
Extra butter’s  floors
Im at a nice stage, with these fades
All the stacks stayed an my wiskers look paid
And out of selvage they were made
I love my denims and i will not trade
They were cut the by the hands of some slaves in japan
these shyts could withstand any chain of command
My man
A-Lex gottem for cheap
we make a good team my
Visvims and me
we get around together, honeycombs forever
indigo will run when worn in bad weather

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